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OUR MISSION: Making Disciples of Christ, equipped to Serve God and Neighbor.

We are a congregation that is excited about the renewing work of God's Holy Spirit. Our goal is to put faith into action in such a way as to impact our community for Christ.

Adult Sunday School Class

Current Series

Lenten Sermon Series—2017

Uphill Faith—Filling your Spiritual tank for the challenges ahead

During the last hours of his life, Jesus climbed a hill called Golgotha. It was the place common criminals were executed. The Savior of the world willingly carried his own cross up that final hill. This next month we recall the times in his earthly ministry where Jesus drew strength to be able to face the uphill moments of his life. The hope is that we too would be encouraged to discover a source of spiritual fuel to help us face the steep inclines of our lives.

The big question for our life’s journey is not: “Will I ever have to climb a steep hill?” but, “How will I climb the hills I have to face?”

    3/5—the Power of Community
    3/12—Downward mobility—dying to status (John 13:1-17)
    3/19—Grace under pressure—when friends let you down (Matt. 26:14-75)
    3/26—Rev. Lee Schott—The Refugees right next door (Psalm 130)
    4/2—A Full tank for hill climbing—finding strength in solitude (Psalm 22)
    4/9—The Ultimate Sacrifice—What about our last day? (Luke 23:26-49)
    (Thursday) The three crosses (Luke 23:26-43)
    4/16—The Power of the Resurrection

    Wednesday Lenten Worship

    5:45 each week 6:30 Supper & fellowship (come grow together in faith!)

    We will be exploring what Christians believe and why…based on the Apostles Creed on Wednesday nights using a study written by Pastor Adam Hamilton as our guide for the messages. Below is the schedule for preachers and themes for the coming weeks.

      March 1—I believe in God (Pastor Jeff)
      March 8—I believe in Jesus (Karen Sellars
      March 15—I believe in the Spirit (Colleen Petaros)
      March 22—Communion of Saints (Jolyn Richards)
      March 29—Forgiveness of sin (Steve Kahler)
      April 5—I believe in the Resurrection (Steve Schmudde)
      April 13- Maundy Thursday (Pastor Jeff)

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W.O.W. – Word on Wednesdays!

5:30 to 7:00pm

Supper / Bible story/ games

(grades 3 – 4 – 5 )

Start date: September 7th @ 5:30pm

(1019 Wesley Drive, Maquoketa – 652-4420)

Youth group will start September 7th from 6pm to 8pm.